Recharge WashCard

We have been washing your vehicles at this location since 1988. We are a veteren owned business, focused on giving you the best service and value.

Our Customers enjoy washing here because the equipment always works the way it should and we have a clean and safe place for you to use with Cameras covering every Square inch of the property and large bays with an ample detail area for drying and polishing.

Plus we have the very best equipment and chemicals available to help you care for your vehicle.

We care about the environment and our community. (See Charity Car wash Program)

One of the ways we help the enviroment is to recycle the waste water that is a by product of making Spot free water and use this for undercarraige rinse and bay wash down.

Welcome to Futura Carwash, we invite you to explore this website and try our facility where you can experience the very best in high-tech carwash equipment and car care products. At this Web Site you can purchase and register A Wash Card with a 15% bonus added for yourself or someone else as a gift, or as a fleet card for your business & it can be used at any of our wash bays or vacuums. (see About WashCard). If you would like to do a fundraiser for your group look under Charity Carwash for tips and information. Thank you very much for taking the time to visit us and have a FANTASTIC DAY!!

See Product Services for more info.