Recharge WashCard

At Futura Car wash we have the Odyssey Soft Touch Automatic wash system.

This is the latest in state of the Art technology in Vehicle cleaning and polishing, this Equipment is very safe and Cleans, Polishes and dries your car or pickup like you cant believe! The brushes use a closed cell foam technology that does not absorb water or chemicals and is very soft and kind to your Vehicle, it also uses a special computer program to learn the size your vehicle so it will wash anything from a small compact car to a large SUV or full size pick up truck.

Options include Rain X, Bug Off, Tire and Wheel Blasters And Tri Foam for conditioning your clear coat.

We also have self serve equipment if you like to do it yourself, and powerful Vacuum's and carpet scrubbing tools with all the care care products to help you make your car look and smell like new.

All of the equipment accepts all Major credit and debit cards along with coins, bills and Wash Cards that we sell on this website or at the facility.

Wash cards make great gift cards for any occasion, Plus We add 15% bonus to every Wash card purchase or Recharge. see- About Wash Card.

Thank you very much in advance for your business.