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Futura Carwash Charity Carwash Program
Thank you, for your interest in using Futura CarWash L.C. to help you with your charity fund raising event.
We can help you achieve your goals by providing a Professional CarWash facility for your use that is friendly to the environment and helps to conserve water.

Most fundraiser car washes are held in parking lots that are not designed to collect and treat wastewater. No one would intentionally throw buckets of dirty, soapy water into a river lake or stream. However, that is what is happening when 100 to 300 cars are washed in a parking lot.

Pollution generated from parking lot car washing such as antifreeze, grease, oil, copper, asbestos, lead, zinc, rust, and soap that contains phosphates, wax, chlorine and other non-biodegradable ingredients goes down the storm drain into our streams, lakes, and aquifers. In addition, a typical garden hose puts out 12 to 16 gallons of water a minute at 60 psi where a professional self-serve carwash uses 4 gallons a minute at 1500 psi. In addition, all wastewater goes to the county treatment facility to be processed for other uses.
We like to promote appropriate car washing techniques and believe that only rain should go down the storm drain.

Our Carwash facility is located at 3011-North Fairfield road, behind Triple Stop Chevron on hwy 193 in Layton, just east of HAFB runway.

  • Set a goal or dollar amount your group would like to raise. This will guide your decisions on the number of people you will need and is a great way to motivate the people involved. Get your team motivated by offering a prize for the most tickets sold or the most cars washed!
  • Pick a date. Choose a date far enough in advance to get organized (6 to 8 weeks). Saturdays are usually the best, try to avoid holiday weekends when people are busy or out of town. Have a back up date ready in case of bad weather.
  • Insurance and Safety. Your group should have insurance for the fundraiser event and must provide a Liability release to the carwash. Please have a safety meeting ahead of time to advise all participants to follow common sense guidelines. Things such as running, horse play etc. Can lead to accidents. Every one must understand that there will be moderate amounts of water and soap on the ground and that vehicles will be pulling in and out of the area. The high-pressure wash guns can burn and or inject water and soap into the skin if used improperly.
  • Publicity. Futura CarWash L.C. can provide or we must approve the tickets that you will sell. Create a press release announcing your event, Send it to local newspapers, radio stations etc. at least 3 weeks before the event, and ask them if they can do a public service announcement about your charity event. Create a flyer promoting your event and ask local schools, churches, etc to see if you can post it on there buttetin board, ask local businesses if you can post it in there window or leave some on there counters for people to pick up. As you are talking to these people try to sell them a wash ticket! Make one or two signs or banners (approximately 3' x 6' or 3' x 10') to display on washday, this will create additional visibility and enable you to bring in more people from the street.
  • Try to sell as many tickets in advance as possible, start 6 weeks before the event, some people may see it as a donation and don't intend to show up on wash day.
  • Set up a table at other events like ball games, at the park, or businesses on a busy weekend and sell tickets. If your group allows door-to-door sales, this is very effective way to sell tickets. Please be specific that the coupon is only good on the day of the event
  • Extra profits. You can also sell sodas, hot dogs or things like water bottles with your logo on them etc.
  • Things to bring. Towels, (bring a lot) window cleaner, paper towels, food and drinks for your group. And a big smile on your face.

We will contact our supplier and ask if they can provide any thing like armor all or window cleaner and let you know ahead of time.

Futura CarWash Service will provide as many tickets as you need, or you can make your own, set your goals high and try to sell 200 to 400 or more.

The tickets should sell for $10.00 dollars.

$2.00 must be returned to Futura CarWash Service for each ticket sold to help pay for expenses. Payment can be made a few days after the event; this allows you time to collect all funds. We do request that you return all unsold tickets and pay within two weeks.

Futura CarWash service will give one or two self serve bays and one vacuum for your use. We take pride in our community and want to help you achieve your goals. Another option for a fund raiser is to sell our Wash Cards, These are pre programmed debit cards that can be programmed with any amount you want and they can be used any time at any of pay stations at the car wash. They are rechargeable and can be programed with your organizaton info.
Please call for answers to your questions. Dale or Dave @ 801-771-5115