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How to Wash your Car Required items 1-High Pressure hot Soft Water 2-Extra foamy soap 3-Friction 4-Pure spot free Water. Sounds pretty easy huh ?, you would be surprised just how many well intentioned auto owners are doing the wrong things when it comes to cleaning their prized expensive vehicles. The first thing that needs to be accomplished is to remove any sand, silt, salt, dust or any thing that can scratch the very fragile clear coat finish if the paint is touched in any way before removing the grit. You may have noticed your car just does not shine like it did when it was new, even if its only a year old of so. The problem is all the very fine micro scratches in the clear coat caused by one or more of the Following. 1- Using the bucket brush provided at most Touch less Automatic car washes, this brush is provided for you because even with strong chemicals and high pressure water most touch free car washing does not clean your car, so lot of people will use this to drag sand and dirt around on their cars dry paint thinking that they are doing it correctly because the car in front of them just did it. They do this after they have just paid for a car wash at the gas pump. This is wrong! 2-Using the foam brush in self serve car washes on a dry car with out paying for the nice colorful lubricating foamy soap flowing out the end, thus dragging around the sand and grit that was not blasted off with high pressure water first. People think (hey here is a brush sitting in a bucket of water, I will save my self 75 cents and just use it). This is wrong! 3-Wiping the water off the car with a bath towel or leather cloth after just rinsing off their car, yes it is clean and the towel is black but you just did the same thing as 1&2 above. This is wrong! 4-Using a automatic brush type carwash that does not wash the grit off the vehicle first, before applying friction or one that uses the older worn out nylon or carpet brush material. The new closed cell foam brushes on the market now will not scratch. This is also wrong! So you get the idea, whether you do it your self or use a professional carwash facility, if you want a clean shiny car without micro scratches that dull the finish just follow this procedure below. First- wash off any grit, sand, salt, etc. with high pressure hot soapy water. Second-make use of a friction device (soft brush, hand mit designed for car washing etc) with lots of sudsy foam to provide cleaning capabilities and lubrication to prevent scratching. Third- rinse off all soap and dirt with high pressure clean Water. Fourth- If available final rinse should be done with purified water (Spot Free Water) And lastly if you want to hand dry (Not needed with spot free water) use a very soft material such as a micro fiber towel, being very careful not to trap any particles in the towel and drag them around as you are drying. Any extras offered at a professional car wash such as clear coat protectant, wax, Rain-x, or Rain-x wanna Be's can be applied after the high pressure rinse and before the final spot free rinse, are all very beneficial to your cars paint, some are better than others in providing long lasting protection and a shiny beautiful finish, and some such as Rain-X can actually repair or minimize the micro scratches on your clear coat and thats what makes a cars finish really shine. Customer comments are welcomed at